Proton Radiotherapy Verification and Dosimetry Applications

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Dr Jon Taylor

Dr. Jon TaylorJon has a BSc in Physics from the University of Liverpool (1st)  and did his PhD in nuclear physics, where he worked on the physics of nucleon-nucleon scattering. This work was carried out using experiments with stable and radioactive beams of atomic nuclei at the GSI laboratory in Germany. After his PhD he joined the silicon R&D program that forms part of the particle physics group at Liverpool University. Here, he worked on applying silicon detectors to particle therapy at the UK’s only particle therapy facility: the Clatterbridge Centre for Oncology in Wirral, Cheshire. He is now working with the PRaVDA consortium to develop the silicon tracker part of the project using large area silicon micro-strip detectors which will deliver information on the path of protons as they enter and exit a patient. This involves mathematical simulation and data analysis in a computer language known as C++ as well as testing the detectors and electronics which will be used to measure the particles themselves.





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